Travel Campaigns

Depending on requirements and budget, the following services can be combined and customised.
They can be managed directly by me, or depending on the campaign I can also organize a team of social media influencers.


The base package aims to produce attractive content for social media channels in order to increase engagement and drive interest to the destination, and includes:

3 Instagram/Facebook photos per day

High-resolution edited images for social media use only

Optional: 360 pictures for Facebook

Optional: 360 degrees videos for Facebook (30sec)

Optional: time-lapse videos for social media (15sec)

Optional: aerial and/or underwater photos and videos for social media


A complete solution that aims also to produce high-quality destination videos. This is what I specialize in!
It includes all of the Social Marketing services plus:

A fully edited destination video for online usage. Created in my unique style, it combines traditional video with time-lapse and aerial photography to create a visual journey through the location (usually between 1min 30sec and 3min long).

Optional: a fully edited 360 degrees video for YouTube and Facebook: an immersive and interactive video that lets the viewer control the angle of view (usually 3 to 4min long).